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Women’s Wellness Society is an online membership for women to balance their hormones, empowers them to understand their bodies, and improve their overall health and wellbeing so they can live their lives fully.

Why Join Women's Wellness Society!

Many women are living their lives on a rollercoaster each month. Instead of feeling well, most women experience many highs and lows, making them feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and unable to manage their energy or mood.


The good news is, it’s not all in your head and it doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve to feel great.


Join the Women’s Wellness Society today where you’ll feel heard, seen, and understood.



“When I came to Marissa I had so much stress in my life, which was a huge contributing factor to what was going on with me as we dug a little deeper and we uncovered things I wasn’t aware of. She was so compassionate through it all.

I came to her in a big ball of tears not knowing what else to do, I had so much going on and she created such a safe non-judgemental environment for me to explain the challenges that I was having which is something I really needed in my life.”

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It’s time to balance your hormones and feel your best. Join in 3 easy steps.

  1. Join Women’s Wellness Society Membership - the affordable monthly membership includes community, education, coaching from Board Certified Nutritionist, Marissa Sylvester and more!

  2. Learn the foundations - You’ll start by learning our 6 step process to thriving hormonal health at any age inside our online course portal. Each step teaches you the foundations you need to understand and practice supportive hormonal wellness. This is a lifestyle, we partner with you monthly for continued support.

  3. Feel well and enjoy your life! Along the way, you’ll have the support of Marissa and the community so you won’t be alone helping you navigate any challenges and celebrate your accomplishments.


“It was the lowest point in my life. From a medical standpoint. I felt like I had been abandoned by my family doctor saying, ‘there there, it’s not that bad you’re fine’. When I spoke to Marissa, it was different, she wanted to listen to me and hear my story and then at the end of it she got this grin on her face and she just knew what to do with such confidence and she was willing to work with me and walk beside me while I took this journey. I’ve never doubted Marissa from that moment forward.”


What’s included


Access to our members-only online portal with the Women's Wellness Society 6-step process course material including video, audio, and workbooks to walk you through the process in detail.


Weekly Q+A to ask Marissa all of your questions and get her advice and support specific to your needs.


Facebook community with a group of amazing women all in this together encouraging and supporting each other on your journey.


Monthly Live video training with the most up to date health and wellness information related to women’s health.


Monthly Meal Plan with substitutions for your dietary preferences.

As a Board Certified Nutritionist and having experienced poor sleep, hitting a wall in the middle of the day, bloating, weight fluctuations, feeling irritated, moody and foggy among other uncomfortable things, I get it and I know how to help.


I’ve been working with clients for years and have dedicated my professional practice to supporting women with their hormones and overall well-being. I love working with my clients and I hope I can work with you too.


Hey there! 

Meet Marissa



“I don’t feel like I’m walking in quicksand with regards to my health anymore. I’m not obsessing about my size, and really trying to focus on eating ENOUGH and eating the good stuff. Also, the mental and emotional sabotage I so often do to myself, has decreased greatly.”

Let's Get Started!

To feel our best, what we need first is to understand WHY our bodies feel so up and down. Most often this is because our hormones are off-balance. The problem is, we were never taught much if anything about how our hormones actually work and how they govern so much of our daily lives. We have no idea what to do if they are off-balance.


After studying and working with my clients I’ve created a 6 step process to thriving hormonal health. Each step teaches you the foundations you need to understand and practice supportive hormonal wellness.


These foundations help you feel good and provide a consistent balance to your overall health. Even when life is hard, you can stick to these foundations and navigate those times easier. I want you to feel your best!

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  • What is included in the bootcamp?
    A Bi-weekly Q+A for 30mins. This is where you can ask Marissa all of your questions and get her advice and support specific to your needs. A portal with pre-recorded video education to help you understand why we are doing what we are doing. Monthly Meal Plans to help you crush your goals and get you real results. A private Facebook community encouraging and supporting each other on their individual journey’s.
  • Can I pull out of the group mid way through?
    This program is paid in full at the time of purchase and includes the accountability, support and tools to put action into place. You will love it so much you will want to complete the full 3 months.
  • What if I have a questions I don't want to ask in the community?
    We strive to create a non-judgemental community that is safe and inclusive. If at any point you feel you need to email or speak to me privately you can email me at: and ask for my support that way.
  • I can’t join everything live. Will I still get the most out of the membership?
    ABSOLUTELY! All of the live zoom calls are recorded and you can access the replays in our private FB group. You do not need to join everything live to get the most out of the program but I find the ladies that get the best results do attend as many live calls as possible.
  • What ages or stages is this membership for?
    The Perimenopause Bootcamp is targeted for women age 35-50 but women of all ages can benefit from it's principals and structure.

Don’t settle for less than your best. Enjoy a vibrant and energized life.

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