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For Women Ready to Live a Better, Holistic Life 

You want answers, but unfortunately, doctors have served you up another dead end as to why you’re feeling the way you do.

Have you caught yourself Googling your symptoms online and then end up not knowing which “expert” to trust? Which then leads you to opening up to friends and family, but their recommendations aren’t cutting it. You’ve even reached out to a few holistic health professionals, and were let down when you heard the hefty bill that came along with their support


Can’t there just be an easier way to get answers? Or at least someone to confide in that is trustworthy and can ease some of this anxiety? (I’m talking about the swirls of what-ifs that hang out in your mind at night when you’re supposed to be sleeping.) See below,

What if this doesn’t work?
What if I feel like this forever?
What if I never feel like myself again?
What if the doctors are right?

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Finding alternative solutions to your health and wellness should not be hard!

That’s why I created

Women’s Wellness Society (WWS)
is a place where you can get support and education from a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, start harnessing the power of food and a holistic lifestyle, and start feeling better!

★ Full access to my Signature 6-Part Wellness Series with in-depth education and action items surrounding: Women’s Hormones, Holistic Living, Menstrual Cycles, Sleep, Exercise and Stress Management
★ Weekly LIVE meetings with me, Marissa Sylvester with plenty of
time for Q+A
★ Monthly Meal Plans including grocery list and recipes that are
easy to follow
★ Access to further support via our Private Facebook Community
★Access to all past membership content including monthly workshops, meal plans and more.


I’ve experienced:
🗹 Massive burnout

🗹 Overwhelm


🗹 Digestive dysfunction

🗹 Fertility issues
🗹 Mood disorders
🗹 Insomnia


My selfish desire to figure out why I was not feeling well led me down a rabbit hole of holistic wellness and the power of food to help our bodies reset and heal. I learned quite a bit about how the body works on a holistic level, and after building new habits and creating a dietary lifestyle for myself, I started feeling not just well, but great!

Hi, I'm Marissa Sylvester,
and I've been there.

Marissa Sylvester Wellness - Tori Claire Photography-1372.jpg

Had I believed my doctor when he said everything looked fine on paper, I would not be the woman I am today: happy, healthy, energized and running my own successful Holistic Nutrition practice and online membership to help women!


When I came to Marissa I had so much stress in my life, which was a huge contributing factor to what was going on with me as we dug a little deeper and we uncovered things I wasn’t aware of. She was so compassionate through it all.

I came to her in a big ball of tears not knowing what else to do, I had so much going on and she created such a safe non-judgemental environment for me to explain the challenges that I was having which is something I really needed in my life.”

— Catherine A


“It was the lowest point in my life. From a medical standpoint. I felt like I had been abandoned by my family doctor saying, ‘there there, it’s not that bad you’re fine’. When I spoke to Marissa, it was different, she wanted to listen to me and hear my story and then at the end of it she got this grin on her face and she just knew what to do with such confidence and she was willing to work with me and walk beside me while I took this journey. I’ve never doubted Marissa from that moment forward.”

- Meganne C

What I teach in WWS (Women’s Wellness Society), how I show up and support you, like all of my clients and current members, is exactly what I needed and could not find. I struggled, felt alone, and sometimes felt like I was going nuts. This online membership is a place where you can come to feel seen, heard and understood. You can take that validation and education  and use it as power to advocate for yourself, make some changes, and start to feel not just different, but better!

"Joining Women's Wellness Society was a no brainer. I wanted access to a Holistic Nutritionist who understood women's health, and access to meal plans that were easy and tasted good. Marissa is brilliant, and after going through her learning modules, I understand my body and what it's telling me so much more. That alone eases my anxieties and helps me make better choices. I feel so much more like myself." -Ashley A. 

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You’ve tried that free diet plan on Pinterest that never works. You’ve cut the sugar and the gluten and still felt the same. Those symptoms you have are your body's way of telling you what it needs. If you don’t get some answers now, what could happen?


Joining Women’s Wellness Society will allow you to:

🗹 Never have to write a grocery list again

🗹 Ditch that feeling of being alone, and hopeless

🗹 Finally, wake up rested, ready to put on that outfit and show up for your day!

🗹 Have the confidence to finally understand your body and how to care for it on a holistic level

🗹 Be the friend others start asking advice from 

🗹Transform your life! 


Join us inside the for:




  • What is included in the bootcamp?
    A Bi-weekly Q+A for 30mins. This is where you can ask Marissa all of your questions and get her advice and support specific to your needs. A portal with pre-recorded video education to help you understand why we are doing what we are doing. Monthly Meal Plans to help you crush your goals and get you real results. A private Facebook community encouraging and supporting each other on their individual journey’s.
  • Can I pull out of the group mid way through?
    This program is paid in full at the time of purchase and includes the accountability, support and tools to put action into place. You will love it so much you will want to complete the full 3 months.
  • What if I have a questions I don't want to ask in the community?
    We strive to create a non-judgemental community that is safe and inclusive. If at any point you feel you need to email or speak to me privately you can email me at: and ask for my support that way.
  • I can’t join everything live. Will I still get the most out of the membership?
    ABSOLUTELY! All of the live zoom calls are recorded and you can access the replays in our private FB group. You do not need to join everything live to get the most out of the program but I find the ladies that get the best results do attend as many live calls as possible.
  • What ages or stages is this membership for?
    The Perimenopause Bootcamp is targeted for women age 35-50 but women of all ages can benefit from it's principals and structure.

Got Questions? 

I would be happy to answer them for you! Contact me and I will respond as quickly as I can!

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