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The Hormone Harmony Solution

A 12-week transformational journey to take you from feeling overwhelmed to overjoyed. Learn the step-by-step plan to regain your hormone balance, master stress relief, and build sustainable eating habits. 

Are you frustrated because nothing you've done has worked? Do you want answers and real results? Are you tired of being told your symptoms are part of being a woman between 35-50 years old...

Have you spent time googling your symptoms online?!

Have been told your sudden or resistant weight gain, low thyroid function, lack of sleep, low or non-existent libido, bloating, gas, indigestion, and consistent low energy are just part of aging as a woman?

Hi, I'm Marissa Sylvester,
and I've been there.

I’ve experienced Perimenopause symptoms like:

🗹 Anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout

🗹 Disrupted menstrual cycles (long cycles followed by shorter ones, missed periods, anovulation).

🗹 Unexplained weight loss followed by weight gain

🗹 Digestive dysfunction and SIBO

🗹 Unexplained Infertility, followed by miscarriage
🗹 Irritability and Mood changes
🗹 Insomnia and Brain Fog

🗹 Food cravings that don't quit


My Un-yielding desire to figure out why I felt so awful all the time, led me to the world of holistic wellness and how the power of food and lifestyle changes help our bodies reset and regenerate at a cellular level.


My extensive education as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and many continuing education courses paired with my own experience taught me about how women's bodies work.

I have coached thousands of women over the years. Teaching them how to build new habits and creating a dietary lifestyle and fitness routine that not only has them feeling well again but vibrant and energetic on a daily basis. 

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So many women have told me the same story:

"I have constant cravings for sweet/salty foods, usually at night.

My clothes do not fit the way they did before and I feel a lack of confidence when I get dressed in the morning.
I have stopped trying because nothing works.

I am so overwhelmed and afraid to try something new.

Why can't I get a good night's sleep?

I see 3:30-4 am for a week straight before my period comes.

I am bloated and gassy often. 

I am constipated or afraid to leave the house for fear I may have to use the bathroom quickly..."


In The Hormone Harmony Solution, I will provide you with the tools and support you need to achieve optimal wellness.


As someone who has struggled with hormone imbalances myself, I understand the frustration and isolation that comes with feeling unwell. That's why I'm dedicated to teaching you how to create healthy habits that will serve you for a lifetime.


With my program, you'll gain a deep understanding of your health and be empowered to advocate for yourself. By making strategic changes, you'll feel a profound transformation in both your body and mind. Let me guide you on your journey to feeling not just different, but better.

Finding solutions that support your health and wellness should not be hard!

That’s why I created:

The Hormone Harmony Solution!
A 12-week transformational journey to take you from feeling overwhelmed to overjoyed. Learn the step-by-step plan to regain your hormone balance, master stress relief, and build sustainable eating habits. 

I'm going to teach you how harnessing the power of food, movement, and lifestyle design, helps you feel better and finally get results!


  • Full access to my 3-Phase program with in-depth education and action items surrounding: Holistic approaches to nutrition, movement strategies for building muscle mass, creating a sleep routine that actually works, and learning stress management techniques.

  • 10 action-packed educational videos guiding you through each phase of the program. Watch on all your devices. (Value: $1000)

  • Three 30-minute LIVE Zoom meetings with plenty of time for Q+A each month (Value: $225)

  • Monthly Meal Plans that include grocery lists and recipes that are easy to follow (Value: $125 each)

  • Monthly workout plan suitable for all fitness levels (Value: $250)

  • Journalling pages to keep track of your progress (Value: $15)

  • Cheatsheets and printable resources to assist you in building sustainable lifestyle habits (Value: $47)

  • A body systems quiz to highlight which energy systems may be out of whack and need additional support so I can give you customized recommendations (Value: $125)

Total Value: $1787

Your Price: $497

"Working with Marissa was a no brainer. I wanted access to a Holistic Nutritionist who understood women's health, and needed access to meal plans that were easy and tasted good. Marissa is brilliant, and after going through her learning modules, I understand my body and what it's telling me so much more. That alone eases my anxieties and helps me make better choices. I feel so much more like myself." -Ashley A. 

Ashley Avis Co (Feb 26_ 2022) - Tori Claire Photography-9503.jpg

"I've tried a detox, done a juice cleanse, paid for high ticket programs in the past as well as followed a couple free diet plans, but the results don't last or worse yet they never work.

I find them restrictive, confusing and they trigger my feelings of unworthiness as I am glued to my scale....

I stopped eating breakfast, cut carbs, gone gluten free and Keto and still feel the same."

I spent so much time talking down to myself, I beat up my body in the mirror, I am exhausted." - Beth


Marissa taught me that the way I am feeling is my body and hormones telling me it is out of whack. Diets that are not designed for womens health and taught me how I can treat and care for my body differently. I needed answers and she gave them to me. She also gave me the tools to make changes that I could stick to. I am down 15lbs and feeling amazing. - Beth



  • What is included in the bootcamp?
    A Bi-weekly Q+A for 30mins. This is where you can ask Marissa all of your questions and get her advice and support specific to your needs. A portal with pre-recorded video education to help you understand why we are doing what we are doing. Monthly Meal Plans to help you crush your goals and get you real results. A private Facebook community encouraging and supporting each other on their individual journey’s.
  • Can I pull out of the group mid way through?
    This program is paid in full at the time of purchase and includes the accountability, support and tools to put action into place. You will love it so much you will want to complete the full 3 months.
  • What if I have a questions I don't want to ask in the community?
    We strive to create a non-judgemental community that is safe and inclusive. If at any point you feel you need to email or speak to me privately you can email me at: and ask for my support that way.
  • I can’t join everything live. Will I still get the most out of the membership?
    ABSOLUTELY! All of the live zoom calls are recorded and you can access the replays in our private FB group. You do not need to join everything live to get the most out of the program but I find the ladies that get the best results do attend as many live calls as possible.
  • What ages or stages is this membership for?
    The Perimenopause Bootcamp is targeted for women age 35-50 but women of all ages can benefit from it's principals and structure.

Got Questions? 

I would be happy to answer them for you! Contact me and I will respond as quickly as I can!

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