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The Best Host/Hostess Gifts: Holiday Series Part 2

Think of the last time you hosted a dinner party. Think of the series of events that led up to the meal being served… dinner is ¾ of the way done, people begin arriving, you greet them, take coats, usher them into your living room, begin chatting, ask about what they’ll have to drink, get back to the stove to check on dinner…

Does reading this raise your anxiety level? LOL

Now, a new guest arrives and thoughtfully brought you a stunning bouquet of flowers – your favourites.

Dinner is almost ready, your guests are mingling in the kitchen to be near you and now you need to find a vase to arrange your beautiful flowers, all without missing a beat.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

The flowers are incredibly thoughtful and if you are me, you love having fresh flowers in your home. But when your hands are busy doing 12 things and your focus is on ensuring dinner doesn’t burn, it’s hard to express real gratitude for this incredibly sweet gesture.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Well, as someone that loves being invited to parties, as well as hosting them, I’ve figured out that picking a hostess gift doesn’t need to be stressful for the giver or receiver.

Here are a few of my favourite hostess/host gifts that will be greatly adored and appreciated!


Ok, so you really want to bring flowers. Consider sending a pre-made arrangement or buying one form your local store. Because it is pre-arranged, your host does not need to stop entertaining or cooking to locate a vase and then arrange flowers while the turkey dries out.

Check out local markets and florists as they always have beautiful pre-made arrangements!


If your host loves to read or likes cookbooks, go to your local Indigo and pick up one of ‘Heather’s picks or the latest publication. For the booklover, this makes the perfect host gift!

This image is from Indigo – we love their books!


Head over to David’s Tea or a specialty coffee house and pick up some unique flavours or your hostess’ favourite. As a gift, it is always appreciated and when they have a cup the following day or week, they will think of you with a smile.

Not only would your host/hostess love this David’s Tea gift, but you might also want to pick one up for yourself!


Are you visiting with a friend that likes to write, journal of practices gratitude? A new journal with blank crisp pages waiting to be written in, is a dream for those that love to put pen to paper!


For the winter lover, a Balsam Fir candle will bring the wonderful scent of winter to their home any time of year! These are a favourite of mine!

Another Indigo favourite!


Have you ever hosted a party where someone brought you a beautiful tray of homemade goodness? It’s incredibly personal and delicious!

Ok, so I didn’t make these beauties, but you can always reach out to the amazing local (Milton) baker, @rania_love2cake for her stunning cookies, and other baked goods!


I don’t think bringing a nice bottle of your favourite wine is ever a bad idea (unless you are attending a function at a no alcohol home of course). It’s a nice way to share your favourite with your friends.


If your host/hostess likes games, pick up on the season’s newest game. If you don’t get a chance to play that evening, don’t worry, it makes for a great reason to get together soon after the holidays!

Remember RISK? Try the Office Politics version – so much fun!

I hope you noticed the common theme in these host/hostess gift ideas – they are designed to be personal based on the likes of your host and they are gifts that will be greatly appreciated based on what they are, and the fact that they do not call attention away from the work needed to make their dinner a success.

The next blog in this series is about how eating and self-care can keep stress away during the holidays!


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