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The Number One Question to Ask Yourself During Busy Times

This is a question that comes up A LOT in my work with women and their health…

“Will saying yes to this (whatever the task, event or conversation may be) bring me more or less value, joy and peace in my life?”

We find ourselves being asked to engage in more and more things during the holidays. This question however, perpetuates beyond the holidays and so I felt it important to open up the conversation surrounding our choice to engage.

But Marissa, why is it important to ask this question?

“Will saying yes to this (whatever the task, event or conversation may be) bring me more or less value and peace in my life?”

It’s incredibly important to know your highest priorities as a human… It is important to ensure we are not running like a hamster in a wheel all of the time and to teach our children, our spouse and our family that it is ok to place your own needs in that hierarchy. So, we need, at times, to perhaps say no…. We need to say no to the extra dinner party if it means we will be overwhelmed, short fused and lacking rest. We may need to say no to having conversations that trigger emotions at this time of year… Self-preserving our energy, so we can pour it into the people and places that bring us closer to joy, love, peace and happiness. Choosing where we place our energy can bring us greater connection, can cultivate growth and emotional intelligence and ultimately fuel greater health and well-being. … So, What is your highest priority?

What energy serves you in a way that breeds Contentment vs. Resentment? What balance do you need? And what steps are you willing to take to get there?

I am here as your guide and support. Together we can make this shift in your energy and lead you towards greater health and wellness. Feel free to book a call with me to have our first conversation together. CLICK HERE TO BOOK.

Happy Holidays. Marissa Sylvester, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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