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A Holistic Nutritionists thoughts about Meat and Meat Alternatives

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I was eager to dive into different ways of looking at our body, our metabolism and food, specifically around eating whole foods, and more plants.

I quickly found and aligned with an organization called Metabolic Balance, which offers health coaches who can help you improve the health of your metabolism. Metabolic Balance uses a structured nutritional program that rebalances and resets your metabolism, supports you in increasing your energy and vitality, and helps your body burn fat as you move towards your weight loss goals.

I love this program because it works by analyzing your bloodwork, and then a specific list of foods are generated in order to help you reset your metabolism. The benefits are:

Better blood sugar which improves cholesterol, Better liver function, Stable insulin levels, Improved brain function and The ability to burn fat for fuel.

The additional benefits for Metabolic Balance are those clients who lose weight see sustained weight loss for beyond 12 months! Their team has a blog of their own, and what they published this week about Meat and Meat Alternatives is bang on! I had to share!

As women, I truly believe that we need to consume more plants on a daily basis and I feel this Blog Article will spark the right conversations about how it can be done.

Have a read and let me know what you think! Button: CLICK HERE to Read

P.S. If you want to start your own Metabolic Balance Coaching journey, I can help! Connect with me HERE.

Marissa Sylvester


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