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Is Your Bloat From PMS or Your Diet?

I got this question, and I’d love to answer it for everyone who’s wondering: Q: What is the difference between bloating from PMS and bloating from food?

A: Bloating from PMS happens in a very short period of time 7-10 days before you menstrate. You wake up and feel like you gained up to 5lb overnight. Sometimes, this symptoms come along with others like fatigue, irritability, tender breasts, mood swings, and increased appetite. This type of bloating usually subsides within 2-3 day of physical bleeding. Food related bloating is directly related to the relationship between the bacteria in your gut, (your microbial environment ), and the different foods you are eating. It could also show up as an intolerance to fibre in the diet. Some will say “but when I eat fibre, I feel worse.” I want to address this quickly: When you have intolerances to fibre, it's because the relationship between the environment and microbes in your gut and the food you're eating has become imbalanced and you may begin to see reactions to what are seemingly healthy foods. Ex: You can eat a Mcdonalds burger (low in nutrients, fibre and cooked in unhealthy fats) and it seems to digest well or maybe not depending on you as an individual, or, you find you get bloated eating a fresh salad full of nutrient dense, healthy plants (with or without additional added fibre). (Don’t worry, I have something that can help.)

Just to further clarify: food bloat is when you wake up in the morning with a flat tummy, then within 20 minutes of eating or by the end of the day your abdomen has swollen.

So, what is your bloating caused by? PMS bloat or food bloat? OR…both. Unfortunately, woman suffer from bloating far too often. That's why I'm hosting a free challenge soon to help clear up this BLOAT. I'll be teaching tips to figur eout why your are bloated, how to relieve it and how to prevent it in the future. Want in? Click Here.


Marissa Sylvester Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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