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Why You Are Not Losing Weight

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I could have chosen any field of study to support my clients in their health journey. I have clients whose goals stem from rectifying long-standing digestive disorders, autoimmunity, food restrictive behaviors/disordered eating, hormone imbalances, weight loss, improved cholesterol, blood sugar or just practicing better lifestyle practices.

I don't consider myself to be a weight loss coach or nutritionist who specializes in weight loss.

Ok, before you stop scrolling, keep reading to find out why.....

I truly believe weight loss and the "Why" behind my motivation for helping others should stem far deeper than "I want to lose weight."

In my heart, I think your "WHY" should as well.

I believe that if you desire true lasting weight loss it comes as a by-product of all the other things in your life being in balance. Sure, you can hop on the diet bandwagon, many of my clients have done this many times. Yet, I do not have a single client who has dieted that has been able to lose the weight and keep it off.... This is because sustained weight loss comes from your entire life is in balance. If you're not balanced in the other areas of your life, you may have serious trouble losing weight or will struggle to keep it off. Instead of changing your behaviour and your relationship with yourself and the food you eat, you run in the wheel of binging and restricting... this creates a cyclical habit of weight loss/weight gain and over time damages our metabolism, making it harder and harder for you to achieve your desired esthetic.

K, wait. I know you are thinking this girl is nuts... But if you ask my clients who have lost upwards of 70-100lbs and kept it off for more than 2 years does it may give you a moment of pause.

I want my clients to succeed. I care deeply for every single one of them!

It's because of my passion to help others; I teach my clients how to have a balanced dietary lifestyle. One that is not restrictive or dysfunctional. I teach them and will teach you how to understand your body as a unique band of instruments playing together in synchronization to support your body, mind and soul.

I truly believe YOU want a body that can adapt well, a balanced body, one that works for you on all levels. Not just one that meets society's standards of "looking" healthy.

I would argue that most women struggling to lose weight could also have an underlying hormone imbalance. Signs of this may include:

  • food cravings (sweet, salty, fatty foods or all the above)

  • lulls in energy (waking up tired, hitting a wall at 2/3pm)

  • mood swings, irritability.

  • stubborn weight around your midsection, bum, and thighs

You need to look at the underlying issue as to WHY your body has held onto this excess weight in the first place.

Things to consider BEFORE trying to Lose Weight:

  1. Do you move your body every day? I don't mean heavy cardio either. Do you walk? 10,000 steps a day?

  2. Are you sleeping well? Soundly through the night. Are you able to fall asleep? Stay asleep? Do you wake feeling rested?

  3. Are you prioritizing balanced nutrition. Not counting calories but looking at the balance of your meals? Eating vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats? Yes, ladies you need healthy fats!

My approach to helping you lose weight may be different... That is because in my practice you are a whole person who needs to feel healthy not just look healthy! I want to teach you how to bring life into balance. If weight loss is what you truly want, I will help you achieve it! You just have to be ready to do all the work.

If this approach speaks to you, follow me on Instagram for more tips. Better yet check out my online membership, The Women’s Wellness Society to start learning what it takes to reach your goals!

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Marissa, R.H.N.

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